राग वृन्दावनी सारंग

राग वृन्दावनी सारंग भारतीय संगीत का एक शिरोमणि राग है। इसको कर्णाटक और हिन्दुस्तानी शालियों में एक ही नाम से जाना जाता है। वृन्दावनी सरग एक औडव राग होता है अर्थात इसके आरोह और अवरोह में ५ स्वर काम में लिए जाते है । आरोह और अवरोह में गा और ध वर्जित होते है तथा तीव्र रे और सुध मा काममें लिए जाते है।

One of the most celebrated ragas of Indian Classical Music is Brindavani Saranga .One interesting feature about this Raga is that it is known by the same name, both in Carnatic and Hindustani systems. And in both systems it is not only extremely popular but also adored because of its juicy melody content.
The Trinity of Carnatic Music has contributed immensely to its present day standing through their great works. By certain extraordinary krithis, the Trinity has lifted this Raga to a very high level.
Brindavani Sarang is an Audhava—Audhava Raga, meaning five swaras, both in arohana and avarohana.
Swara Ga and Da are dropped both in arohana and avarohana.Tiwra Ri and Shudha Ma are used. In arohana,Tiwra Ni is used, while in avarohana, Komal Ni is used.
So much for the technical details of this raga।


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